When cappers cap other cappers, it can be fun.  Or confusing.  But mostly fun.

amycamus: CranHat1:

"Oh lordy. Here comes Big Stupid and that gullible kid again."

"EIGHT vestal virgins? I asked for FORTY!" "Yingus Yangus was here last week. We were lucky to find this many, Your Majesty!"

E_the_SugarPlumFair_E: Iron_Capper:

Exposed Capper: Sanspants

Danger Kitty Strikes Back

NyssaHotCandiedYams: JurassicPork:

So THAT's how Gray Zombie gets all that underwear on the ceiling!

Tension mounts in the Caption Olympics as it comes down to the final six. Tomorrow will be JurassicPork pitted against gleeb and porpoise locked with ABServo

shanky: LauraPowers85::

Blakhat? Haven't seen him in a while." "No! I want to buy a Black Hat!"

Does that say Nyssa? How'd *she* get into Tax Amnesty?

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