The Porpoise Project

Once upon a time, in the land of Cappers, A young man by the name of Generik would travel the world over. While on his travels he would send postcards to Cappers at home, like the one at this link, each of these wonderful items would include a nice funny caption from strange lands that many of us will never see. Then, a lovely lady named Porpoise thought, Why should Generik have all the fun, and this project was born.

So, take a look at the funny stuff that has crossed between Cappers in the US Mail. I wonder what my Mailman thinks

And now, without any further ado...

Card 001 Card 002 Card 003 Card 004 Card 005 Card 006 Card 007 Card 008 Card 009 Card 010
Card 011 Card 012 Card 013 Card 014 Card 015 Card 016 Card 017 Card 018 Card 019 Card 020